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On behalf of the incredible individuals on the CT101 team, it is with deep gratitude that we welcome you to Issue 2 of Cannabis Talk Magazine. We are deeply honored to set you off on a journey through another edition crafted with enlightening content, compelling narratives and diverse perspectives from “The World’s #1 Source for Everything Cannabis!

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Series 3
Winter 2023

Blue & Joe Grande
Cloud Ponics
Dr. Chalmers

Recent Topics

In The Stone Zone

Father and son making moves in the industry. Stone zone stands out as a unique and inspiring venture found available across California.

Venice Boys

Brand Development and Distribution. Passionate cannabis enthusiasts and advocate born and raised in Los Angeles. Business consulting and lifestyle brand.

Social Media Influencers

Destiny Tirado, Kim Molina, Young Gritty, Andy Garcia, Baby Thumpy and Frank Benji. Get to know these Influencers and their lifestyles.

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